Find out all about Kea’s routine, self-care regime, secrets to staying nourished and energized during long rehearsals, and of course – having fun!

Behind The Scenes

Giving you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to not only be a professional dancer, but live a life of whole body wellness, Kea is sharing her “dance bag” of routines, tips, checklists and nuggets of wisdom to help you achieve your best whole body approach to not only dance, but your whole life. 

Let’s get started…

Kea’s Dance Bag

I never forget my essential must-have dance items before heading to the studio or stage.  Pack these items to make sure your mind body and spirit are in tip top shape before you stretch, turn and leap!

-Kt Tape and Tiger Balm 

-YourSuper Protein bar, water and fruit

-Warm ups, socks hair ties and scarf 

-Essential oil, notepad, earbuds


Beauty from within: The importance of positive self-talk

How you talk to yourself is just as important as what you put in your body and how hard you train. In order to reach your dance goals, you have to find value in your routine of how you talk to yourself especially when it’s hard.  Just remember you’re your biggest critic and can be your biggest cheerleader if you choose.

In the Kitchen: My go-to pre and post workout snacks

My staple dance meal prep includes veggies, protein and hydration.  I need to have meals with no inflammatories and I have to make sure I have enough complex carbs to keep up with the workouts I do each day.  Read more to find out about my pre and post work out snacks

Stretching and foam rolling: Establish an at home routine of pre and post workout care

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Lights, camera, skin care!

As dancers, we are constantly moving, sweating and probably wiping our faces or fixing hair, am I right?

Teaching long hours, rehearsing all day and the make up we need for the stage all adds up.  I have tried so many products and make up and I finally found the perfect balance.  Every skin type is different so what works for me may not work for you.

Skin care lin: Meaningful Beauty

Makeup: Tarte cosmetics, their tinted bb cream and foundation (both with spf) is all natural amazonian clay based so I don’t break out and it wears well weather I’m teaching from 9am to 6pm, or on stage.  It comes off with regular face wash, (no scrubbing needed) and never clogs my pores.

My morning ritual: Write!

Everyday take ten minutes to write.  Writing is so important for your mental health.  It gets things off of your mind and literally onto the paper, relieving you of the hamster wheel running non stop.  It reduces stress, helps you to organize your thoughts and reinforces the amazing power you have inside, charging you up to use it each day to achieve your goals.

Three things you’re grateful for, your daily affirmation that supports achieving your most important goal, and what you are manifesting and bringing into your life NOW!



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