Kea Tesseyman has been a choreographer for over 20 years. Her creative process of storytelling is the driving force behind her artistic, thought-provoking and intentional choreography that often highlights current issues of the world brought into discussion in the studio by the students.  Through movement and theatrical productions, Kea weaves stories of self-discovery, healing and change into the dances.  Her shows always have a connecting thread; face your fears and deepest challenges inside yourself and you heal within…connect with others through shared experiences, and together, heal the world.



Developed over the past two decades, Kea’s method for creating and directing shows is based in telling authentic and relevant stories of personal change, overcoming hardship and finding hope and empowerment through self acceptance and love.  In addition to her choreographic talent, Tesseyman writes scripts to further enrich the storytelling of the dance and uses this in overlaid recording to intertwine the music and movement

Throughout her long years of building her unique show design, she’s gained priceless experiences directing light design, stage work, performance education and each detail of the production front and back of house. She believes in giving the audience a well rounded and intentional experience in the theater and inspiration from the stage to carry them home.



Friday March 19th, 7:30pm

Kea Tesseyman’s “The Discussion: Chapter 1” 

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“The Discussion: Chapter 1”

Written, Choreographed & Directed by Kea Tesseyman

Follow five dancers as they take us through a gripping adventure of change and triumph over darkness. This raw and riveting theatrical performance with original script and choreography, weaves together an artistically orchestrated journey where hardship, despair and most importantly, great questions, are met with discussion of how to work through grief and loss to find the other side where there is hope and light.

Explore in “The Discussion”, how together, our five subjects find a new pathway evolve before them – one where goodness, loving kindness, healing and change takes place.  A pathway where they may find that working together is the only place to start.

Are they stewards of the great world determined to serve others who have shared in their grief? Or are they simply figments of the imagination, created by a mind working to change neuro pathways in order to feel worthy of love and light?

Find out on March 19th of this installment at the Camden Opera House Soundcheck series, “The Discussion” – a new piece from choreographer, performer and director Kea Tesseyman. 2021 will mark a milestone 20th year in Kea’s career serving the midcoast community with dance instruction, community leadership and messaging the power of positive artistic expression.

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To donate to her studio, Kinetic Energy Alive Dance, the students are running a GoFundMe and all proceeds help to keep the studio open during this pandemic and allow creative expression and emotional support during this difficult time:
Featuring dancers Leanna Cotton, Isaiah Doble, Nate Levig and Adrian Pierce



Kea’s Dance Bag

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